Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes

Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes

by Jerome Grossman & Daniel J Grossman

Fair Share Taxation means that those who benefit the most from the generation of wealth at home and abroad should pay their fair share of the costs and sharing the benefits accruing from the profits of the unparalleled American Empire

The vast gap in income and taxes between the haves and have-nots is no longer a rallying cry to incite anti-capitalist advocates. It has become a mainstream issue debated openly, often with both sides calling for equality.

Absolute inequality or the elimination of inequality will never be a feature of our economy as long as rewards are based on the undoubted significant differences in skills and attitudes that justify differences in rewards. Our capitalist economy assigns special benefits to entrepreneurs and aggressive business behavior often without adequate regulation by the government.

The practical way of balancing the different rewards is to make sure that the basic principle ensures that everyone gets a fair share of our national production, sufficient to cover the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, education and health. This fair share principle should be considered a national right of citizenship apart from inequality or aggressive behavior. It would foster better citizenship and a more placid society. The wealthier would pay higher taxes, not for biblical morality or the search for equality but because they use national and local facilities much more than the average citizen. A significant portion of the cost of our government results from the maintenance of the tools of the wealthy, as well as protection of their assets and opportunities: highways to ship their goods, airports for executive travel, ocean shipping routes, ports for unloading the goods, and protection for their facilities, communications systems, contracts, home and real estate.

Furthermore, our government and our entrepreneurs are entangled in the affairs of virtually every oil-producing country. We have committed our military to assure an even flow of commodities for business and trading. We maintain 900 military bases in 140 countries and enhancing the clout of the thousands of US corporations doing business in those nations.

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