McCain’s Last Gasp

McCain’s Last Gasp

William Kristol, the neo-con columnist at the New York Times, has surrendered the campaign of John McCain. “His campaign is totally overmatched by Obama’s…McCain is doomed.”

Obama’s lead in the polls is lengthening. He is far ahead on domestic issues although today‚Äôs stock market rally will help McCain by modifying the wave of bad financial news. Public concern about foreign and military policy, issues on which McCain is strong, continues to slide.

Look for a shift in the McCain strategy, away from issues of public policy, away from attacks on Obama’s associations, away from Obama’s inexperience.

The McCain focus in the last two weeks of the campaign will be his life story, his ancestors, his military service, his five year imprisonment in Hanoi, his bi-partisan initiatives in Congress, his embodiment of the American Hero and American values, making him the person who “deserves to be President.”

This story, this strategy, may not work but it appears to be all that McCain has left.

Sic transit gloria mundi

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